Basic Geometry Formulas

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How often do you need basic geometry formulas in your life? Do you need them frequently? Okay, tell me how often do you remember them? This is quite a difficult question it seems. Almost all the people who have already passed their graduation and working in the field are facing this issue.

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Probably, we all know how the geometric formulas work. We all have learn geometry in our school life where we were taught about the different geometric shapes and formulas to find different parameters for that shapes. But, with the time it happens that we tend to forget the things and geometry is one of them. There are too many shapes to remember for and in addition, each has its own equation to calculate its parameter. So, what shall be done in order to resolve this issue?

We have something special working for you. How about a geometric formulas worksheet. We are sure - it will work for you. At the beginning, we composed the worksheet for our own purposes, found it very useful and now our visitors can download and print it for free. The page implemented in PDF format and fit regular 11"x81/2" (or A4) paper sheet. So, about 70 important equations for different 2d (circle, different kind of quadrilaterals, triangles) and 3d geometric shapes (like prism, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, cone) are allocated on one printable geometry worksheet.

You can download and print our worksheet for free.


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