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my office My name is Alia State. I am the owner of this CAD Drafting Service. I have a technical education in the building construction field. I've been working in this field more then ten years. During those years I have taken part in large numbers of projects from small cottages, concrete and metal engineering facilities, to huge civilian and industrial buildings.
Integration of experience, knowledge in constructions and advanced techniques of CAD drafting allow me to transform customers' sketches to high quality computer drafting in a relatively short time.

Moreover, I have a professional assistance from my team, which includes two professionals whose rich experience in architectural and structural CAD drafting cannot be overestimated.

Also, I am grateful to Dmitry Stasenko for his idea to put our drafting service on the Net. He creates, develops and supports www.structural-drafting-net-expert.com site.

And here, on this page I would like to state the main foundation of our team's policy:

  • We intentionally keep our drafting service within a certain scope of structural and architectural CAD drawing because what we do - we do perfectly.
  • We assume only obligations which we can accomplish.
  • We will do whatever it takes to ensure client satisfaction.
  • We always keep track of new technologies and programs in order to continuously improve the quality and speed of our service.
  • We really love what we do and feel satisfaction when our work is top rated.

Our customers' contentment is an endorsement of our efforts.

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