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CAD Drafting Service via Internet

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www.structural-drafting-net-expert.com  provide high professional CAD drafting service via Internet. Internet freelance drafting service of the site creates practicable possibilities for our clients to succeed in this age of competitive economy and globalization.  Flexibility of our Internet Drafting Service and high quality of our drawing contribute to our customers’ projects being first-rate.

Our experts have appropriate technical education and about ten years experience in the field. During the last decade we have been participating in large numbers of projects from small cottages, concrete and metal engineering facilities, to huge civilian and industrial buildings.

What really distinguishes us from others? Outstanding education and great experience of our experts allow us to do more than only transfer engineers’ and architects' projects from sketches to computer drawing, and also with a clear understanding what the projects are going to be in reality.

We specialize on structural and architectural drafting and offer the following services:

  • structural drawing – concrete, steel, and wood constructions:
  • architectural drawing;
  • paper to CAD.

  • All our work is guaranteed. We guarantee high quality and accuracy for each drawing and requirements compliance.

    To illustrate our competence and professionalism we have presented a range of our drafting on example page.

    Our prices are fair. You can easily determine the cost of your order according to our pricing table with certain examples of CAD drawing.

    How CAD Drafting Service via Internet Works. On that page we are going to elaborate the whole process of interaction between customer and www.Structural-Drafting-Net-Expert.com team from registration to receiving finished CAD drawing.

    Take a First Step. Fill in the registration form - minimum information is required. Immediately, after the registration form is submitted we send you a notification email. The letter explains in detail how to order your CAD drawing (please visit our explanation page) .

    We base our CAD Drafting Service on the following standards:

  • The principles of AIA CAD standard we use for drafting on both English (“inch”) and Metric unit systems.
  • Public Work and Government Services of Canada CAD standard - Metric units.
  • We are willing to implement our drafting work to customer’s own standards or requirements, provided that customer supply his/her requirements in an appropriate and understandable way (or simply fill in our order form where we try to anticipate customer’s needs).

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