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On the current page we are going to elaborate the whole process of interaction between customer and www.Structural-Drafting-Net-Expert.com from registration to receiving finished CAD drawing.

We intend to describe in details the process of interaction with customer in order to spell out all steps of the process and clarify in advance all details of the payments. Perhaps, the explanation looks complicated and bulky, nevertheless we believe that the customer should see the whole picture and understand what is going to happen. Moreover, you'll find detailed explanations during the entire way from registration to receiving completed drawing. The customer is always welcome to ask any question or request any explanation as well.

For better illustration, we present the process on two sides. The first side describes steps of customer actions (only five steps including registration) and second side -what we are going to do in order to fulfill your requirements. Here is the scheme:

2. Getting started
3. Project  approval
4. Completion of the project
customer www.structural-drafting-net-expert.com

1.1. You fill in the registration form  (minimum information is required);
1.2. We send you a notification email immediately after the registration form is submitted. The letter explains in detail how to start a new project (order CAD drafting).
2.1. You deliver to us your sketches by emailing or faxing them (or upload them to our FTP server), and give us your requirements for the project (CAD drawing).
2.2. Our expert estimates the time we need to complete the project and it's cost (see OurPrice page).

2.3. We create for you a special "Customer page" and send you an invitation (by email) to visit the page. On the "Customer Page" you can see our estimate of the project and write (if you need) a message connected with the project.
2.4. If the terms are suitable for you -we start immediately to work on your project.

2.4.1 Before you accept the terms we ask you to look over our drafting standards check-list and select suitable options (or simply accept default selection).
2.4.2. After terms submission , you are asked to deposit 10% of the project's cost via PayPal.

2.4.3. When we receive message from PayPal our expert start to work for you.
3.1.Before the deadline, when our expert complete the drafting we put the link to the CAD file (or other format according to your request) on your "Customer Page" and send you a message about it. (If you want we can deliver the preliminary drafting by fax- if it's fit the situation).
3.2. In case you have remarks about the drafting or small additional changes in your project you give us to know about it by sending an email or massage via "Customer Page". (We go back to previous step 3.1).
4.1. When you are satisfied with our work, you  pay the balance via PayPal - link from the "Customer Page".
4.2. When the transaction is completed successfully, PayPal send us (and you) notification and immediately redirect you to the page with link for downloading final version of the drafting.
4.3. You can request faxing or emailing  the drawing, we implement it as soon as possible .

1.1 ---> 1.2 1.2-->2.1 2.1-->2.2 2.3-->2.4 2.4.2-->2.4.3 2.4.3.---> 3.1 4.1-->4.2 3.2-->4.1 3.2-->3.1 3.1-->3.2 Our customers’ contentment is an endorsement of our efforts.

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