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The infoExchange forum launched to offer new and exciting information platform for professionals from different fields related to building industry, students and people who are looking for competent opinions. We hope infoExchange will help to create working relationships between our visitors- find perfect solution for some and potential clients for others.

Some our visitors are looking for appropriate construction solutions for their privet houses and others are offering engineering consultation; some are looking for additional information connected to peculiar beam and others are offering information materials for selling; some are looking for specific beams to buy and others are offering steel beams for selling all over the world. Part of these requests exceed our scope and we have launched infoExchange in order to expand information field for our visitors and us, for sure it is going to become a useful information media tool.

We have analyzed the issues of messages we received and can propose five dominant categories for discussion:

1)  Constructions Design
  • Wood Constructions Design
  • These boards for our visitors who are looking for appropriate construction solutions (also for their privet houses) and others, who are offering engineering consultation.
  • Steel Constructions Design
  • Concrete Constructions Design
  • 1) Steel Sections Specification and National Standards - information connected with steel sections specification, non-typical steel sections, national standards all around the world.
    1) Computer Aided Drafting - variety of questions connected with computer drafting. Our experts will answer questions concern 2D computer aided drafting.
    1) Steel Beams Trade - For our visitors who are looking for Steel Beams sellers or potential buyers.
    1) General Discussion - Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.

    In case you have another issue to discuss please contact us and we'll add a new topic under appropriate or new category.

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