Length Units Conversion

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1 Converter present simple fraction approximate equivalent of calculated decimal value (same units)

2 You can convert both decimal and simple fraction value. In order to convert simple fraction please use format: "integer_gap_numerator/denominator" For example: 1 1/4 (one and one fourth). In case integer part is zero please enter "0 1/4" (one fourth).

3 You can choose denominator for simple fraction. The same denominator is applied for "Feet & Inch" expression.

4 Converter present "Feet and Inch" approximate equivalent of calculated decimal value. This option is relevant only in case of conversion target units are feet.

5 In order to apply any changes like source or target units, conversion or/and denominator value PLEASE press equality button.

US customary units
US units equivalent
SI units equivalent
one inch  (in)
= 1/12 ft
 = 25.4 mm
one foot  (ft) = 12 in =  1/3 yd
 = 304.8 mm
one yard  (yd)
= 3 ft = 36 in
 = 914.4 mm
one mile  (mi)
= 5280 ft =  1760 yd
 = 1.609344 km

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