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we do it perfectly Your Project Management Coach: Best Practices for Managing Projects in the Real World
by Bonnie Biafore,Teresa Stover ISBN: 9781118144244 ISBN-13: 9781118144244
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Your Project Management Coach: Best Practices for Managing Projects in the Real World Many projects fail to deliver on time or on budget, or even to deliver a workable product that satisfies the customer. While good project management goes a long way towards ensuring success, managers often fail to follow the plans they implement. This unique guide helps you understand and successfully handle project management, once and for all. Covering practical ways to solve problems you'll typically face when managing actual projects, this pragmatic book takes you through a full project management lifecycle. You'll find ample tips, tricks, and best practices--all richly illustrated with real case studies.
Find out how to plan for risk, get wayward projects back on track, manage a whole portfolio of projects, and much more. Each topic in the book is mapped to the exam topics of the PMP Certification Exam, so PMP certification candidates can also use this book for test prep. The book's companion web site offers downloadable forms, templates, and checklists.

  • Explains project management for the real world using a pragmatic approach that includes field-tested techniques, case studies to illustrate concepts, helpful tips and tricks, and downloadable content
  • Guides you to project management success by providing friendly advice, as if you had a friend or project management consultant at your side, discussing issues
  • Explores how to run successful meetings, how to get wayward projects back on track, planning for risk, and how to manage multiple projects

  • Manage your next project with a personal consultant: your own copy of Your Project Management Coach: Best Practices for Managing Projects in the Real World. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Pmp Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations
    (2012 Edition)    11/4/2009
    by Christopher Scordo ISBN: 9780982576809 ISBN-13: 9780982576809
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    Pmp Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations Countless time and money is spent preparing for the PMP exam. So why aren't students laser-focused on taking practice exams before attempting the real thing?
    Reflects the latest PMP exam format (August 31, 2011) and the PMBOK Guide - Fourth Edition! The practice tests in this book are designed to help students adjust to the pace, subject matter, and difficulty of the real Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. Geared towards anyone preparing for the exam, all tests include clear solutions to help you understand core concepts.
    If you plan on passing the PMP exam, it's time to test your knowledge. It's time for PMP Exam Prep - Questions, Answers, & Explanations.
    Now packed with Over 1,000 realistic PMP sample questions to help you pass the exam on your FIRST try.
    In this book: 1000+ detailed PMP exam practice questions including 18 condensed PMP mock exams that can be completed in one hour; 11 Targeted PMBOK Knowledge Area tests, and detailed solution sets for all PMP questions which include clear explanations and wording, PMBOK Knowledge Area and page references, and reasoning based on the latest PMBOK Guide - Fourth Edition and updated PMP exam format. Includes FREE PMP exam formula reference sheet!
    *** 2012 Edition Updates! ***
    The 2012 Edition of PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations has been completely updated to align with the new PMP exam format as of August 31, 2011. Updates include new practice exam content and major refinements to existing content, including:
    * New! Over 200 new PMP practice exam questions added
    * New! PMP exam formula "cheat sheet" included with book
    * New! Focus area test on Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility added
    * Entire book updated for the new PMP exam format put in to place August 31, 2011
    Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme
    by Robert K. Wysocki ISBN: 9781118016190 ISBN-13: 9781118016190
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    Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme Many projects fail to deliver on time and within budget, and often-poor project management is to blame. If you're a project manager, the newest edition of this expert and top-selling book will help you avoid the pitfalls and manage projects successfully. Covering the major project management techniques including Traditional (Linear and Incremental), Agile (Iterative and Adaptive), and Extreme, this book lays out a comprehensive overview of all of the best-of-breed project management approaches and tools today.
    You'll learn how to use these approaches effectively to achieve better outcomes. Fresh topics in this new edition include critical chain project management, using the Requirements Management Lifecycle as a key driver, career and professional development for project managers, and more. This book is packed with step-by-step instruction and practical case studies, and a companion web site offers additional exercises and solutions.
  • Gives new or veteran project managers a comprehensive overview of the best-of-breed project management approaches and tools today
  • Shows readers, through step-by-step instruction and practical case studies, how to use these tools effectively
  • Updated new edition adds new material on career and professional development for project managers, critical chain project management, and more

  • If you're seeking to improve your professional project management skills, the latest edition of this popular, successful, and in-depth book is the place to start.
    Visit wysockiepm.com/ for support materials and to connect with the author. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Value-Driven Project Management
    NOOK Book   8/17/2011
    by Harold Kerzner, Frank P. Saladis ISBN: 9781118174425 ISBN-13: 9781118174425
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    Value-Driven Project Management In the traditional view of project management, if a project manager completed a project and had adhered to the triple constraints of time, cost, and performance, the project was considered a success. Today, in the eyes of the customer and the parent or sponsoring company, if a completed project did not deliver its anticipated value, it would be seen as a failure.
    Today's changing economic climate, marked by an increasingly competitive global environment, is driving project managers to become more business oriented. Projects must now be viewed from a strategic perspective within the context of a business or enterprise that needs to provide value to both the customer and the organization itself. As a result, project managers are now required to possess the skills to complete a project within certain specifications, and also know how to create and deliver value.
    Responding to the needs of today's project managers, Value-Driven Project Management begins by changing the paradigm of project management. Rather than judge the success of a project from the perspectives of time, budget, and quality, the authors demonstrate why success is only achieved when planned business values are met, including:
    *Internal value
    *Financial value
    *Future value
    *Customer-related value
    The authors also offer best practices that allow you and your organization to create additional value in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and enhanced products and services. Finally, the book helps you incorporate value into clearly defined business objectives and "sell" the value-driven process to executives.
    Throughout the book, helpful illustrations clarify complex concepts and processes.
    Assigning valuable resources to projects that don't provide some tangible form of value to the organization and to the client is poor management and poor decision-making. On the other hand, selecting and implementing projects that will deliver value and an acceptable return on investment is effective management and decision-making, but is very challenging, especially when a project may not provide its target value for years to come. With Value-Driven Project Management in hand, you'll discover the tools you need to ensure that projects deliver true value upon their completion. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Project Management: A Managerial Approach
    8th Edition   August 2011
    by Jack R. Meredith, Samuel J. Mantel ISBN: 0470533021 ISBN-13: 9780470533024
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    Project Management: A Managerial Approach Meredith's newest edition of Project Management focuses on all facets of the steps needed to successfully manage a project - from planning and resources to budgeting and more. An important goal is to appeal to help those preparing to take the PMBOK certification exams of the Project Management Institute. Revisions for the 8th Edition include a more consistent writing style throughout, content updates in some chapters, additional examples of some concepts to make them easier to grasp, and improved visual elements to make the textbook and online resources easier to understand and navigate. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    eBook   6/27/2011
    by Pablo Lledo ISBN: 9781426971594 ISBN-13: 9781426971594
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    PROJECT MANAGER How to pass the PMP Exam without dying in the attempt?
    We have one of the most complete books to prepare for the PMP exam, which allows the reader to save many study hours, at a very affordable price.
    The book Project Manager has been updated with the fourth edition of the PMBOK Guide, covering all the exam topics with a friendly style, 50 exercises, and 470 questions.
    His author, Pablo Lledo, has written five Project Management books, some of them published with one of the biggest publishers: Pearson.
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    Construction Management for Industrial Projects
    June 2011
    by Mohamed A. El-Reedy ISBN: 0470878169 ISBN-13: 9780470878163
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    Construction Management for Industrial Projects This book presents techniques for effective and successful project management across all phases of the project, covering all of the management tools and leadership skills for any industrial project. It presents advanced modern tools for use by management and engineers in decision making, and it covers the gap between project management theories of the actual project. This volume is a "one-stop shop" for project and construction management of industrial projects, for engineers, managers, owners, and anyone else working on the project. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    PMP Exam
    eBook   4/13/2011
    by Naoman Sheikh ISBN: 2940011279041 ISBN-13: 2940011279041
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    PMP Exam Do you want to make sure you pass the PMI PMP exam on your first try? You've come to the right place for help. iStudy PMP Exam has been created by industry insiders to give you every advantage for full exam preparation with 585 sample questions with complete explanations and answers.
    You've been working hard to get ahead but it's been worth it. Soon, you'll be certified and making strides in your career as a Project Manager Professional. First though, you have to take the PMP exam and it's coming up. You've been studying the text books but you're a little nervous, you want to do really well. You wish you could get some help to boost your confidence and prepare better.
    You can stop wishing because help is here. It's called iStudy PMP Exam. This book has been especially designed by somebody who has passed the PMP Exam and also contributes to the creation of the questions for the actual exam itself, so you can be assured that they're important questions to know and understand!
    iStudy PMP Exam is an authoritative study buddy. All answers are explained and page-referenced to the PMBOK v4, a feature not available to you in other exam textbooks. This is a serious, thorough exam preparation book that you can trust. You won't just know the answers, you'll understand them.
    So what do you get in this eBook:
    * 585 sample practice exam questions and answers for the PMP?Exam
    * A thorough explanation of each question and associated answer. This will ensure that you understand the question completely instead of just memorising the answer.
    * Each question is page referenced to the PMBOK v4 so that you can do further reading on a specific subject area. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Construction Planning and Scheduling
    4th Edition   March 2011
    by Jimmie W. Hinze ISBN: 0132473984 ISBN-13: 9780132473989
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    Construction Planning and Scheduling Construction Planning and Scheduling, Fourth Edition offers broad coverage of all major scheduling subjects. This comprehensive resource is designed for construction management, planning and scheduling. It follows a logical progression, introducing precedence diagramming early and following with chapters on activity durations, resource allocations, network schedules, and more. It reflects current trends in scheduling (short-interval scheduling, computer scheduling, linear scheduling etc.) and includes chapters on arrow diagramming and PERT. With an eye on application, it includes a unique discussion of contract provisions related to scheduling and incorporates a sample project throughout. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Creative Project Management
    July 2010
    by Michael Dobson ISBN: 0071739335 ISBN-13: 9780071739337
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    Creative Project Management The seven essential tools for keeping projects on time and under budget.
    You're executing risk management, leadership, and planning-all hallmarks of outstanding project management. And yet you're still having trouble keeping your projects on schedule.
    Creative Project Management adds two new elements to the mix: creativity and innovation.
    Internationally renowned project management consultants Michael Dobson and Ted Leemann combine traditional project management skills, such as risk evaluation, decision-making, and human dynamics, with outside-the-box thinking and business creativity. They provide seven new tools and approaches you can apply to any project.
    The methods discussed inside Creative Project Management show you how to:
  • Realistically imagine the outcome of your decisions
  • Work with-and around-the realities and constraints that affect your decisions
  • Read and predict trends
  • Manage the long- and short-term ramifications of your decisions
  • Evaluate the impact of present and future technologies on your decisions
  • Imagine new choices you didn't think you had
  • Creative Project Management provides an invaluable new set of tools for any project management professional tasked with making difficult decisions in these uncertain times. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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  • Project Management
    with MS Project CD Rom   May 2010
    by Harvey Maylor ISBN: 027370432X ISBN-13: 9780273704324
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    Project Management Project Management is a fast-moving and increasingly widespread discipline with record numbers of practitioners now gaining professional qualifications. Delivering projects on time and within budget is critical to business success and the skill, therefore, is highly valued in graduates and managers alike.
    Drawing on Harvey Maylor's 20 years of teaching, research and consulting experience, the latest edition of this leading text provides a comprehensive and contemporary account of all that you need to know about the theory and practice of Project Management.
    Highlights of this fourth edition include:
  • Brand new chapters on Projects and Organisations, Risk and Opportunities Management, and Stakeholders, Strategy and Success
  • New scene-setting vignettes open each chapter, such as the Motorola RAZR mobile phone and the Oresund link bridge between Sweden and Denmark
  • Project Management in Practice case studies at the end of each chapter include Heathrow Terminal 5 and the Rescue of Baghdad Zoo
  • New and revised Real World examples throughout all chapters
  • A critical appraisal of project management, drawing on recent research and new and original models and frameworks
  • The book also includes a CD providing a free 60-day trial of Microsoft Project to help you plan and deliver any project assignments you complete as part of your studies.
  • Project Management is written for students on undergraduate, masters and MBA programmes, as well as for corporate training and for professionals practising in a dynamic and fast-developing field.Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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    Project Management
    5th Edition   April 2010
    by Erik Larson, Clifford Gray ISBN: 0077426924 ISBN-13: 9780077426927
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    Project Management As the market-leading textbook on the subject, Project Management: The Managerial Process, 5e is distinguished by its balanced treatment of both the technical and behavioral issues in project management as well as by its coverage of a broad range of industries to which project management principles can be applied. It focuses on how project management is integral to the organization as a whole. The 5th edition reflects the latest changes found in the practice. Other texts discuss the topics covered in this text but they do not view oversight as the project manager's operating environment, as does Larson/Gray. Resumes of managers will soon be primarily a description of participation in and contributions to projects. Overview from BARNES&NOBLE (barnesandnoble.com).
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