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Hong Kong's Airport Hong Kong's Airport
Kansai Airport National Geographic Megastructures   Kansai International Airport
Shanghai Super Tower National Geographic Megastructures   Shanghai Super Tower
Tokyo's Sky City Extreme Engineering Tokyos Sky City
World's Tallest Hotel Worlds Tallest Hotel
Willis Tower Megastructures  Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) National Geographic
North Sea Wall National Geographic Megastructures North Sea Wall
Hoover Dam National Geographic Megastructures Collection 02of12 The Hoover Dam-kyniemgiaothong.net
Icelandic Super Dam National Geographic Megastructures Icelandic Super Dam
Itaipu Dam Megastructures-The world's most powerful dam Itaipu Dam(National Geographic Channel)
Lupu Bridge Impossible Bridges -China (Lupu Bridge)
Oresund Bridge Impossible Bridges Denmark-Sweden Bridge (Oresund Bridge)
Pio-Antippio Bridge Megastructures - Impossible Bridges Greece( Pio-Antippio bridge)
Millau Bridge National Geographic Megastructures   Millau Bridge
Biggest Arch Bridge
Extreme Engineering   5x02   World's Biggest Arch Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge National Geographic  Megastructures Golden Gate Bridge
Malaysia Smart Tunnel extreme engineering - smart tunnel malaysia
Transatlantic Tunnel Extreme Engineering Transatlantic Tunnel
Under The Alps Extreme Engineering Tunneling Under The Alps
UK Super Train Megastructures UK Super Train
NORAD NORAD - Super Structures
Oil Sands Mine Megastructures   Ultimate Oil Sands Mine
Artificial Islands Megastructures - The Artificial Islands of Dubai - National Geographic - Subtitles in Portuguese
South Pole Station National Geographic Megastructures  South Pole Station
Great pyramids great  pyramid from Inside Out
Petra Obras Incr?veis: Petra - National Geographic HD
Ancient Structures Ancient Machu Picchu  Structures

Project Management
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Wake any project manager at the middle of the night and ask him to describe his profession in just 3 simple words; he would smile and whisper "cost, time, performance" and fall asleep again. Those are 3 main goals of any project (whether we build the dog hut at our yard or plan the construction of the new city airport) -the project should be finished in time, in the budget and of course meet the strict requirements or our customer that should approve the state of the art creation. So why project management methods and techniques are so widely adopted in every industry of the modern society? It was proved that any company that adopts the project management methods usually succeeds in achieving it's goals, management effectively allocates their teams to tasks, directs material resources in the timely manner through the project cycle.

There is variety of software, methods and techniques that is used in the project management, each company should use the most appropriate to it's corporate culture, business environment and goals. According to the cross industry researches the most important issue that any construction projects face is the issue of time and resources planning and deadlines.

We set up five criterias of evaluation for Project Management Software presented in today's market. Review based on those criterions helped us to decide which PM tool satisfies our requirements. We suppose written for us review can be useful for our visitors.

Few words about methods in Project Management. Interesting results of more than 1000 companies research indicated that each industry has it's specific priorities in the "magic triangle" of project basics - cost, time and performance. Banking project managers define a project cost as a main priority, while R&D project leaders care mostly about performance of the developed product. Construction Project Manager is mostly interested in completing the building in the timeframe defines by the project owner usually any delays in the project completion results in heavy financial penalties.

Facets of Project Management are discussed by many authors in their books. The recent years have been rich in new, top quality Project Management books and publications. Here visitors can find a list of the newest PM books with a comprehensive overview.

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