Project Management Software review

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We set up five criterias of evaluation for Project Management Software presented in today's market. Review based on those criterions helped us to decide which PM tool satisfies our requirements. We suppose written for us review can be useful for our visitors.

What are the criterions of the Project Management Software choice in this review?

S Fully compliant with standard PM practices and support of most PM fundamentals;
S Flexible , Easy to learn and intuitive , short learning curve;
S Trendy - Collaboration featuring Web based tool and cloud capable;
S High ROI (budget oriented);
S Universal - suited for all Segments.

Leading tools:

1. MS Project - most popular package from the software giant that excels in it's easy and intuitive interface and compatibility to office applications.

  • Wide functionality
  • Full localization support- ideal for global environment
  • Standardization and Flexibility-Support a lot of exporting formats for other PM tools to view and modify
  • User Friendly and Intuitive
  • A lot of option to learn- extensive training
  • Many bugs - Need to be updated
  • Collaboration is limited-no notifications as SMS or emails on the project progress or milestones
  • A lot of administrations
  • Costly
  • Advance options such as program/portfolio management require Project Server

2. Primavera - one of the most comprehensive and oldest project management tools, recently acquired by Oracle it may receive an additional boost on the enterprise market.

  • Especially adjusted for serious projects in the industrial sector (often construction and contractor)
  • All required PM tools in one application
  • Flexible-ability to export to MS Project and other office tools
  • Hardware requirements are higher comparing to other tools
  • Costly
  • Not suitable for SOHO or SMB organizations
  • Extensive training is required , long learning curve

3. Trace - Open Source tool, mostly used by the developers in software projects ,it provides simple and easy interface combining with web access capabilities.

  • Cost Saving - usage of Open Source tool saves IT budget
  • Adjusted for the developer's needs
  • Web Based architecture and SaaS (Software as a Service) capabilities improves collaboration
  • Minimalistic approach
  • Segment oriented (software and R&D projects) so it is not "feature-rich" application

4. Basecamp HQ - truly online tool that enables cloud experience and full collaboration that is lied in its architecture.

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Cloud - meeting the needs of international project teams
  • Monthly fee pricing model and 30 days free trial
  • Need more features to be aligned with giants such as MS Project
  • Monthly fee pricing model is not suitable for all
  • Adjusted for small and medium companies

5. dotProject - web based open source tool that is fully supported by the volunteers

  • Designed as a fully Web based
  • Simple and easy to Learn
  • Free of charge
  • Supported on Linux aside to Windows OS
  • May miss some features of the "project management" giants
  • Support is on voluntary basis and complicated documentation
  • New version availability - developing is rather slow

6. 5PMWEB - another web based project management software with enhanced collaboration features and support for mobile devices

  • Collaborative Web based tool with mobile support
  • Good Support and smooth integration on WWW
  • Tight security protection
  • Pricing model is based on the monthly fee and it is costly
  • Adjusted to small and middle businesses while freelancers and enterprises should choose different project management software

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by Alex Zlidin, Project Manager. March 2012.

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