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Here are the links to the preliminary drawing download:

JPG    /    DWF
In order to see drawing in best quality please use DWF file. In case you don't have software to open DWF format you can download free version of DWF Viewer (Autodesk Design Review) from official Autodesk site. (Click here to download).

The final version of the drawing differs from the preliminary drawing in that it lacks our ID watermark in the background. Also DWG file is available.

To get final version of the drawing, please pay the balance via PayPal. On the final webpage of payment process PayPal give you option "Return to Merchant". By choosing this option you automatically will be redirected by PalPal to our webpage, where all provided formats of final drawing are available for download (jpg, dwf, dwg).


In case you have remarks or small additional changes on the project, please send us an explanation in follow ways:

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